19 July 2024

I.1. The Enchanted Forest

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was an enchanted forest where trees whispered secrets, flowers hummed sweet melodies, and animals chatted like old friends. At the heart of this magical place stood an elder tree, grander and more ancient than any other.

I.2. The Curious Little Boy

In this mystical forest lived a curious little boy named Lukas. Full of wonder, Lukas roamed through the woods each day, uncovering its mysteries and befriending creatures of magic. One bright afternoon, while resting under the grand elder tree, a soft voice called to him.

I.3. The Elder-Tree Mother

Much to his astonishment, the voice came from the elder tree itself. It revealed itself as the Elder-Tree Mother, warmly inviting Lukas to visit anytime. Overjoyed, Lukas vowed to come back as much as possible, eager for more enchanting encounters.

The First Gift

Not long after Lukas had met the Elder-Tree Mother, he found himself walking beneath the ancient boughs towards her once more. Rays of sunlight danced through the leaves, lighting his path. Upon his arrival, the Elder-Tree Mother, with a voice as gentle as a breeze, bestowed upon Lukas a small, golden acorn. "This," she said, "is no ordinary acorn. Plant it, and it will grow into a magnificent tree. Under its branches, you may make a wish, and that wish will come to pass." Lukas's eyes sparkled with excitement. Carefully, he took the acorn, promising to cherish this incredible gift.

The Second Gift

Days turned into weeks, and Lukas visited the Elder-Tree Mother often. Each visit was a new adventure, a treasure trove of stories and magic. On one such visit, the Elder-Tree Mother gifted Lukas a shimmering feather. "This feather," she explained, "holds the power of a single wish. Hold it close, make your wish, and it shall be granted." Lukas, filled with gratitude and awe, took the feather. Its colors seemed to dance in his hand, a rainbow captured in a single moment.

The Third Gift

As the seasons changed, so did their meetings. Each was filled with laughter, wisdom, and the sharing of secrets. On a day when the air was crisp and the sky a clear blue, the Elder-Tree Mother presented Lukas with his third gift: a crystal-clear pond. "This pond," she said, "is a wishing pond. Cast a stone, make your wish, and watch as it ripples into reality." Lukas's heart swelled with joy. With three gifts now in his possession, he felt as though he held the world's magic in his hands. He thanked the Elder-Tree Mother, promising to use these gifts to make the world a better place.

III.1. The Wish for Happiness

After receiving his magical gifts, Lukas thought long and hard about what his first wish should be. One sunny morning, he stood under the newly grown golden acorn tree, surrounded by the chattering of friendly animals and the sweet melody of singing flowers. With a smile, he whispered his wish for happiness for all the creatures in the enchanted forest. No sooner had he made his wish, than laughter and joy spread like sunlight through the trees. Birds sang louder, animals frolicked with glee, and even the flowers seemed to bloom brighter. Lukas's heart swelled with happiness, seeing the joy his wish had brought to his magical friends.

III.2. The Wish for Wisdom

For his second wish, Lukas held the shimmering feather lightly between his fingers. He closed his eyes, thinking deeply about what he truly needed. With a gentle voice, he wished for wisdom. Suddenly, the world around him seemed to pause, and when he opened his eyes, he felt a new understanding fill his mind. Lukas used his newfound wisdom to help solve the problems of the forest's inhabitants, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. His advice was sought after by all, and Lukas was happy to help his friends with their troubles, always finding the perfect solution.

III.3. The Wish for Love

Finally, with only the wishing-pond left, Lukas pondered his last wish. He picked up a small pebble, feeling its weight in his palm. Looking into the crystal-clear water, he wished for love – a friend who would stand by him through thick and thin. As the pebble touched the surface, ripples spread across the pond, and from the forest emerged a kind and gentle fox named Felix. Felix approached Lukas with bright eyes and a wagging tail, an instant bond forming between them. They became inseparable, sharing adventures and stories, their friendship a testament to the power of love and the magic of the Elder-Tree Mother's gifts.

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