18 July 2024

I.1. The Peaceful Mill-Pond

Once upon a time, in a cozy little village hugged by gentle hills and a thick forest, stood a mill-pond. Here, water danced around a wheel, grinding grain for all. Folks led simple lives, finding joy and calm by this water's edge.

I.2. The Curious Brother

In this village lived a boy, Hans, with a heart full of curiosity. He loved to roam the woods and sit by the mill-pond, keen on the creatures making it their home. One bright afternoon, something odd caught his eye at this familiar spot.

I.3. The Enchanting Sight

Gazing into the mill-pond's mirror-like surface, Hans spotted a reflection not of clouds or trees, but of a maiden most fair. Her hair, a golden waterfall, and her eyes, twinkling like starlight. She was the Nixie, guardian of the waters, now revealing herself to young Hans.

II.1. The Nixie's Song

Under the glow of the moon, Hans would hurry back to the mill-pond, eager to hear the Nixie's enchanting song. Night after night, her melodies filled the air, a magical sound that seemed to mingle with the rustling leaves and the gentle flow of water. Each song was a new adventure, a tale of mystery and wonder that enthralled Hans. He couldn't help but feel drawn to her, a bond forming between them that went beyond words.

II.2. The Gift of the Nixie

On a bright morning, Hans picked the most colorful wildflowers he could find and presented them to the Nixie. Her eyes sparkled with joy as she accepted the gift, her smile as warm as the sun. Grateful for his thoughtfulness, she reached into the water and pulled out a smooth, shiny stone. "For you," she said, placing it in his hand. "This stone is special; keep it close and remember our friendship." Hans felt a warmth in his heart, knowing their friendship was truly one of a kind.

II.3. The Secrets of the Forest

As their friendship grew, the Nixie began to share the secrets of the forest with Hans. She spoke of hidden paths that led to breathtaking views, of plants that could heal, and of animals that spoke in whispers on the wind. Hans listened intently, absorbing every word. He promised to keep these secrets safe, understanding the trust the Nixie placed in him. Their friendship had become a treasure, enriched with the mysteries and wonders of the forest they both loved.

III.1. The Wicked Witch

No sooner had Hans and the Nixie celebrated their newfound friendship than trouble brewed on the horizon. From deep within the shadows of the forest, a wicked witch, envious of their happiness, hatched a nefarious plan. With eyes glowing like embers in the night, she whispered ancient words, casting a spell to disrupt their harmony.

III.2. The Brave Hans

Upon discovering the Nixie now trapped in the body of a frog, Hans's heart sank. Yet, he wasted no time wallowing in despair. Determined to undo the curse, he embarked on a daring journey. Through thickets and over hills, Hans searched for the antidote's ingredients, his resolve unshaken. His courage grew with every step, knowing that failure was not an option.

III.3. The Triumph of Love

Finally, with the last ingredient secured, Hans raced back to the mill-pond. Under the moon's gentle light, he carefully mixed the antidote and offered it to the Nixie. Moments passed, and then, as if by magic, the spell was reversed. Before Hans's eyes, the Nixie returned to her true form, more radiant than ever. Embraced by joy, they knew that nothing could ever sever the bond forged by their adventure and the triumph of love.

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