18 July 2024

Once upon a time in a far-off land, there lived a kind and generous master. He was a wealthy man who owned a vast estate.

In this far-off land, under skies as blue as robin's eggs, stood an estate so vast, it seemed like its own little kingdom. Trees whispered tales of old, and flowers nodded along, all part of a world ruled by a master with a heart as wide as the horizon. This wasn't just any master; he was kind, always with a smile for his folk, and generous, never holding back when it came to sharing his fortunes.

The master had twelve servants, each one hardworking and dedicated to their duties. They tended to the fields, cared for the animals, and kept the estate running smoothly.

These weren't ordinary servants. No, siree! Each one of them, from the first to the twelfth, knew their job like the back of their hand. Fields weren't just tended; they were nurtured, making sure every stalk of wheat stood tall and proud. Animals weren't just cared for; they were loved, each moo and neigh a testament to the dedication that kept the estate not just running, but thriving.

The master was pleased with his servants and decided to reward them for their hard work. He called them all to the great hall and announced that he would be leaving on a long journey.

One fine morning, as the dew still clung to the leaves and the world was painted in hues of gold, our master summoned his twelve loyal servants. With a twinkle in his eye, he shared news of an adventure that would take him far from home. But worry not, for he had a plan, a token of his trust and appreciation for their unwavering dedication.

Before he went, he would give each servant a bag of gold coins to manage the estate in his absence. The master trusted them completely and believed they would continue to work hard while he was gone.

With great ceremony, he presented each servant a bag heavy with gold coins. His eyes shone with trust, believing in his heart that his absence would change nothing. After all, hadn't they always risen to the occasion? With a final look at the faces he had come to know so well, the master set off, leaving his estate in hands he trusted more than his own.

However, the twelve servants had other plans.

Instead of working hard, they saw an opportunity to kick back and relax. Gold in hand, ideas of leisure and luxury danced in their heads. Why not enjoy life a little? They thought. So, that's exactly what they did.

The first servant couldn't resist the allure of fine clothes and grand parties. With pockets full of gold, he transformed his days into endless celebrations, neglecting the fields that turned wild and untended.

Servant number two had a fascination with exotic animals. He spent his fortune bringing creatures from far and wide, creating a personal zoo. The fields, once his responsibility, became a distant memory as he frolicked among his new animal friends.

For the third, it was all about a grand swimming pool. He imagined days filled with sun and water, a permanent vacation on the estate. And that's exactly what he got, leaving the animals and crops to fend for themselves.

The fourth servant found his joy in music and feasts. Hiring musicians and chefs, his days were a melody of flavors and tunes, a stark contrast to the silence of the neglected estate.

Precious gems captivated the fifth servant. He spent his days in awe of their beauty, his duties forgotten like lost treasures.

Riding through the estate, the sixth servant felt like a king atop his beautiful horse. The work? Forgotten, as he galloped away his days.

A grand library was the seventh servant's escape. Surrounded by books, he traveled worlds away from his responsibilities, which piled up like the books around him.

Fine wines called to the eighth servant. He became a connoisseur, his days a blur of tastings, far removed from the estate's growing disarray.

The ninth was lost in rare books, his thirst for knowledge eclipsing his duty to the land and its master.

Art filled the days of the tenth servant. His collection of fine art grew, as did the neglect around him.

Exotic plants enchanted the eleventh servant. His greenhouse thrived while the estate around it withered.

Lastly, the twelfth servant found solace in musical instruments. His music soared as the estate fell into silence, a symphony of neglect.

The Master's Surprise Return

Upon his return, unexpected for everyone, the master stepped onto his land. His eyes widened at the sight before him. Fields lay untended, animals roamed without care, and the estate, once a beacon of order and productivity, now mirrored neglect. His heart sank; this was not the home he remembered leaving behind.

Gathering the Servants

With a heavy heart, the master summoned his servants. One by one, they arrived, their expressions ranging from nervous to downright ashamed. They stood before him, a stark contrast to the diligent workers he had left. "What has become of my estate?" he asked, his voice echoing with disappointment.

A Wave of Regrets

Caught in their misdeeds, the servants shuffled uncomfortably. Words of apology tumbled from their lips, each trying to explain how they had been led astray by temptation. They spoke of grand parties, exotic animals, and days wasted in leisure. Yet, as they spoke, it became clear; they realized their errors too late.

The Verdict

Listening to their stories, the master's disappointment turned to resolve. He decided that their gold, a reward meant to encourage responsibility, would be taken back. "Your actions have consequences," he stated firmly, his decision final. To the hardest working among them, he would entrust the estate, a reward for unwavering dedication.

A New Beginning

In the end, the master handed the keys to the estate to the one servant whose commitment had never wavered. This servant, surprised and honored, vowed to restore the estate to its former glory. As for the others, left with nothing but their regrets, they learned a hard lesson about the value of hard work and integrity.

Prosperity Restored

Under the guidance of the diligent servant, the estate flourished once more. Fields were sown and harvested with care, animals tended with love, and the estate buzzed with activity. Harmony and productivity returned, a testament to what true dedication could achieve.

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