19 July 2024


Once upon a time, in a quiet and peaceful forest, lived seven little goats. They were the cutest and most playful creatures, always frolicking and laughing together.

Their Daily Routine

The goats had a simple yet happy life. They spent their days playing in the meadow, drinking from the clear brook, and returning to their cozy cabin in the woods by sunset.

Mother Goat's Warning

Their loving mother, a wise old goat, would always remind them, "Always return home before the sun sets, my little ones. The forest can be a dangerous place after dark."

The Arrival of the Wolf

One sunny morning, while the little goats were playing near the brook, their laughter echoing through the forest, a sly and cunning wolf appeared. He watched them from the shadows, a wicked grin spreading across his face. This wolf had a plan, a plan to trick the innocent goats, and he couldn't wait to set it in motion.

The Wolf's Disguise

Fully aware that the goats would run away if they saw him, the wolf came up with a clever idea. He found an old sheep's coat and put it on, disguising himself. With his new appearance, he approached the goats, pretending to be a long-lost friend. "Hello there, little ones," he said in the gentlest voice he could muster.

The Trick

One by one, the wolf lured the goats away from their safe cabin, promising them delicious treats and exciting adventures. "Just follow me," he coaxed, "I'll show you where the sweetest grass grows!" And, eager for an adventure, each goat followed, unaware of the danger that lay ahead.

The Brave Goat

Not one to be tricked, the youngest goat had a feeling something was off. Instead of following, he decided to keep an eye on his siblings from a safe distance. Smart move! The wolf, in his sheep's disguise, didn't notice the littlest goat's absence. He was too busy leading the others away.

Realizing he needed to act fast, the brave little goat thought, "I can't do this alone. I'll need some help." And help was exactly what he intended to find.

The Forest Friends

Off went the brave little goat, scampering through the forest. First stop, the wise old owl, who was napping in her tree. "Wake up, wake up!" he bleated. With a flutter of feathers, the owl woke up. Listening to the goat's plea, she blinked thoughtfully and nodded. "I see. Time is of the essence. Let's round up the others."

Next, they found the quick rabbit, munching on clover near the brook. Rabbit's ears perked up as they approached. "A rescue, you say? Count me in!" he exclaimed, thumping one foot excitedly.

Lastly, they sought the strong bear, who was just ambling back to his den with a belly full of honey. Bear grumbled a bit about his nap being delayed but agreed to help. "For the little ones, we must hurry!" he said, his voice deep and reassuring.

The Rescue

With their team assembled, the brave goat led them back to where he'd last seen his siblings. Signs of the wolf's passage were clear to the sharp eyes of owl and rabbit. Bear's strength helped them clear obstacles as they followed the trail.

They found the wolf just as he was about to lead the goats into his den. With a mighty roar from bear, a flurry of wings from owl, and quick darting moves from rabbit, the wolf was taken by surprise. He hadn't expected such a bold rescue mission.

The forest friends worked together brilliantly. Owl swooped down, confusing the wolf. Rabbit darted in and out, nipping at his heels. And bear, with a mighty roar, made the wolf realize he was no match for their combined might.

Seeing his plan foiled, the wolf took off, tail between his legs, never to bother the little goats again. The siblings, now freed, gathered around their bravest brother, cheering and bleating joyfully. They were safe, all thanks to his quick thinking and their new friends.

The Moral

As they made their way back home, the little goats realized how important it was to listen to wise advice and to always be cautious of strangers. But most importantly, they learned that courage and friendship can overcome even the scariest of foes.

Their mother, waiting anxiously at home, enveloped them all in a warm embrace. She couldn't be prouder of her little ones, especially the youngest, whose bravery had saved the day. From that day on, they knew that no matter how small you are, you can make a huge difference if you stand up for what's right.

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